Twitter: @vicsportstalk Thank you, and please like and subscribe for more on the latest A Michigan high school basketball game degenerated into chaos last week, and the adults involved in the game must take much of the blame.

An ugly scene ended the Feb. bout between Hazel Park and North Farmington with 1:13 left in regulation. A student threw a plastic tea bottle onto the court, and a referee shoved a parent during a heated timeout.


MERCH! ➡️ One of the most bizarre endings to a game I have seen in person. After an INCREDIBLE 4th quarter battle of big shots and stops, Foothills Christian and St Augustine, two of San Diego's premier high school basketball teams, battled in the semi finals of CIFSD playoffs all the way down to the final SECONDS, and unfortunately one of Foothills players calls a timeout they didnt have, and things get out of hand from there. Refs should have just ignored the timeout and let these guys finish this AMAZING game that both sides deserved to see finished fairly





Here is the second installment of the series where people get a little too excited.

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A high school football game Friday night in Long Beach, California, turned violent after a player from Milikan High was seen kicking a Lakewood High player -- whose helmet had come off -- in the head. After the game, the family of a Lakewood player allegedly pushed past security into the Milikan locker room and attacked some of those players. Erica Nochlin of CBS Los Angeles reports.


Published on Sep 17, 2015
Teen Football Player Kicked Off Team After Helmet Attack

New information in the case of a New Jersey high school football player. Caught on camera hitting an opponent with his helmet we have now learned that the Lyndon high school student has been permanently kicked off the team this all. Happened during a game on Friday night you can see that the Lyndon player. Ripped up the home and as a player from immaculate at a high school. The Lyndon player then hits him with a helmet. The student now in the process of being suspended and placed on home instruction all pending the outcome of our criminal investigation. You Mac you ought to player who did not retaliate had to receive ten stitches.


Jocelyne Lamoureux took exception to Brianne Jenner's late run at Josephine Pucci, setting off another fiery round in the U.S. women's hockey team's rivalry with Canada.
Lamoureux nailed Jenner with an illegal bodycheck and, seconds later, Lamoureux, sister Monique and U.S. teammates Hilary Knight, Gigi Marvin and Kacey Bellamy were brawling with Canada's Jenner, Melodie Daoust, Jocelyne Larocque, Meaghan Mikkelson and Vicki Bendus.
"I think we came in and defended our teammates, did what we had to do," Jocelyne Lamoureux, a former University of North Dakota star playing in her home rink, said after the Americans' 4-1 victory Friday night in the pre-Olympic exhibition game. "It's always going to be heated (against Canada). The intensity is always going to be there."
The referees handed out 10 fighting majors and a string of other infractions after the melee with nine seconds to play. The two teams also fought in October late in a game in Burlington, Vt., with all 10 skaters squaring off late in the third period. They had


Multiple freaking sick sports fights put together and long boring scenes all edited out.So its all fast and the adrenaline doesnt stop!

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