Steve O'Brien of and the author of "Pro-Active Recruiiting" discusses what you should DO and what you should NOT DO when emailing college coaches to get recruited.

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Hey, thanks for tuning in. We've got another question. This question's from
Twitter. He's asking, "When should you start sending colleges your videos?"
That's a great question. I've got the answer for you.

Think of it this way. It's kind of like networking. Anything you multiply
by zero will equal zero. So, if you don't feel that your tape is good
enough or solid enough to send to a college, then don't send it to them
yet. If you feel you're not on anybody's recruiting board, or if you're not
really making any noise in your city, or on your team, in your league, then
don't send them any video yet. Wait until you establish yourself as a
household name. If your feel that your videos, your highlight tape is good
enough to send to a college, then yeah, definitely send it to them. But if
you're kind of reluctant, thinking that, "I might not be this good. I might
want more highlights, or I might want


This is a breif video for High School Student Athletes that want to play college sports. In this video, I give the 6 most important things a student athlete must do to get recruited and to play at the next level. More info can be found at


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Double Amputee Hasaan Hawthorne Wins Alabama State Wrestling Championship 2016
This is a human interest story and a testament to the human spirit, the will to persevere, and to personal courage.

On February 19 2016, Hasaan Hawthorne from Pelham High School in Pelham, Alabama finished a perfect 40-0 wrestling season by winning the Class 6A, Alabama State Wrestling Title in the 145 pound classification. Alabama has 7 high school classifications so Class 6A is the second largest. Hawthorne was named the Most Valuable Wrestler in the 6A Classification

Hasaan Hawthorne was born without tibias. He lost his first leg when he was three months old and the other one two years ago. Hawthorne uses prosthetics to walk around, but wrestles without anything on the ends of his legs.

19-02-2016, he capped an undefeated senior season with a 6A division Alabama state wrestling championship in the 145-pound class. Hawthorne came back from a first period deficit to beat Landon Thompson soundly. Last year, he got all the way to third place in the state meet, and this year he finally


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Found this video gem from 2014 - SO HAPPY this kid got to go to the superbowl!

The NFL decided to fly in an armless high school football star to the Super Bowl. CNN's Poppy Harlow has the details.


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