Rachel Wolter's goal of playing college soccer is within reach thanks to OrthoArizona foot and ankle specialist John Cory.


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10/20/2013: Kelly Fan's HS Varsity Selected Rallies:
1/10/2013: 3rd entry, Ten months after surgery, is posted:
10/6/2012: 2nd entry, 7 months after surgery, is posted:

1st Entry - Feb 8, 2012: "How I was injured and my questions about surgery". (this video) She has been doing pre-surgery therapy to prevent muscle atrophy since her injury. She can not play, but walks fine. She still practices with a private coach to work on her swing control.

She will have surgery soon to reconstruct her ACL. She is still a HS freshman, playing up in the 16s. She has her goal set to play in div-1 college VB. We hope she can reach her goal. And we agree that her experience will not be unique and can be helpful to others in the future.

Most important decision at this time? Patellar graft vs hamstring graft. Both choices have a complicated set of pros and cons. ACL


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Follow the 2016 Jamesville Dewitt High School Lacrosse Team season. Documentary by Hal Schulman with Music by Logan LaTray.


Uploaded on Jun 8, 2012See some of the WORST injuries in soccer, the 5th and last one is the sickest. It makes you not want to play soccer anymore :/