Mt Carmel High School, San Diego California. Mt Carmel Invitational, Track & Field 2017


thumbs up for my terrible sunburn lolllll its so much worse in person!!(also sorry for the weird lighting in this video, it was storming when i filmed this so it was hard to find good lighting!)

these 'whats in my _____ bag" tend to be getting a ton of views, so I decided to make one for my tennis bag, since that's basically how i've been spending all of my time recently! (I had three 8 hour invitationals this week….)

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whats in my tennis bag
whats in my sports bag
athletic essentials
sport essentials
tennis must haves
tennis essentials


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Coach Jon Gruden helps a Florida high school football team prepare for their upcoming season.

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Bye Horus "Noemi Simko Mange Le Soleil" (Part 1)
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The Heavy "No Time"
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William Ryan Fritch "Strings Orchestral Marimba"

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Here is the second installment of the series where people get a little too excited.

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A high school football game Friday night in Long Beach, California, turned violent after a player from Milikan High was seen kicking a Lakewood High player -- whose helmet had come off -- in the head. After the game, the family of a Lakewood player allegedly pushed past security into the Milikan locker room and attacked some of those players. Erica Nochlin of CBS Los Angeles reports.


Concord High School pulls off the ultimate trick play for a TD vs Oakland High School.

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