Youth Baseball 8u Easton Walk Off Double - Amazing Play

from Michelle
3 years ago
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Utah Select Baseball League
AC Thunder (11) vs. Voodoo (10) - 8u

Everyone played a great game.
AC Thunder were down by 2 in the bottom of the 9th... 2 outs... 2 players on base... Tegan is up... Full Count.

Tegan hits it hard up the 3rd base line hitting in 2 RBI's... AC Thunder win the game with an impossible play... an "In The Park, Walk Off Home Run".

It was amazing to be there. This was taken with my iPhone4.... right after he crossed the plate, my phone died. I thought that I lost this video completely until today when I downloaded all the contents from my phone. Wow, I am so glad I still have this video to watch. Congrats to all of the teams. Awesome job AC Thunder!

*Music by 'The Weekenders'

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