WIHA High School Equestrian Team

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3 years ago
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This is to my boy Mack.
This was the WIHA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Horsemanship Association.) show. It's only an equitation show. It was my first year ever participating in it and I must say that it is one of the most funnest shows I have ever been too. Everyone competing was so kind. I even got to make some new friends from different schools which was awesome. (The girl at 0:31 is one of the most sweetest people I have ever met.)

This show is a competition where people in your certain district compete against each other. There are four divisions. A,B,C and D. I was classified in Division D (which means that you either have 1, 2 or 3 people on your High School team. I was the only one on my team.)
What you want to do is try to earn as many points as you can because then at the end of the show they tally up all your points to see if you have gotten Reserve, or Grand. If you get Reserve or Grand then you get to move on to the State competition. There were a total of three schools in my division.

I have got to give kudos to my Mack man. We showed non-stop. He was the do it all pony for this show. We started off with Showmanship, hunt, hunt bareback, western, western bareback, saddle seat, discipline rail, poles, barrel race, flag race, and dash race. (It was such a fun experience to do the speed events. As you can tell we did not do well. We got last in almost every event but it was okay because we still got points for getting in third.)

I love my boy so much. Considering that I haven't rode him almost all year or shown and then to be able to compete with him and earn 18 blues! This horse is such an unbelievable horse! Even though he has his moments there is no horse that I would rather have than Mack. He has taught me everything I need to know about riding and he's always the horse to put a smile on my face. :)
Thank you mack for never refusing to do a single task that I asked. Even how crazy it was. (Poles haha every time we went in between a pole he would snort.)
We did end up winning our Division and earned a trip to State. We got 4th at State! :D
I hope you enjoy the video! ;p
Oh and btw Happy Holidays to everyone!

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