When should I start sending colleges my videos?

2 years ago
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Hey, thanks for tuning in. We've got another question. This question's from
Twitter. He's asking, "When should you start sending colleges your videos?"
That's a great question. I've got the answer for you.

Think of it this way. It's kind of like networking. Anything you multiply
by zero will equal zero. So, if you don't feel that your tape is good
enough or solid enough to send to a college, then don't send it to them
yet. If you feel you're not on anybody's recruiting board, or if you're not
really making any noise in your city, or on your team, in your league, then
don't send them any video yet. Wait until you establish yourself as a
household name. If your feel that your videos, your highlight tape is good
enough to send to a college, then yeah, definitely send it to them. But if
you're kind of reluctant, thinking that, "I might not be this good. I might
want more highlights, or I might want to do a little bit more on my team.
Score some more touchdowns. Do a couple more amazing catches." Then wait on

You don't want to send a college your video, send a recruiter your video,
and turn them off, because then you might not get another chance. If you
approach a girl, and you're wearing the wrong outfit, she might not ever
give you another chance. So don't shoot yourself in the foot, but wait till
you get those good highlights in and then send off your video. So, if
you're a sophomore on JV, don't send them in, because you're not on varsity
yet. You're not on anybody's recruiting board. If you're a junior, then you
might want to start sending out your videos, even if you're great or not.
If you're a second string running back and you've got a pretty decent
amount of highlights, get that highlight tape. Get it, and then wait until
the end of the year. It's still the season right now, on the first of
October. So wait a little bit, get some more highlights, and then start
sending it out. You don't want to send in a tape that'll turn a coach off.

So think about it that way. It's like networking. You don't want to come
and meet somebody and you don't have anything to offer them, or you might
turn them off forever. So I would wait, get some good highlights in, then
send your tape off. But if you already feel you've got great highlights,
then send it off right away. Coaches are recruiting, even though they're in
their season right now as well. They're still looking for new talent for
next year. So get those tapes out. But if you don't feel you're good enough
to send any tapes out to get a good look, then don't send them out.

But thanks for the question. Feel free to send in more questions, and share
this on your Facebook and Twitter, and tell all your friends about it.
Thank you.

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