Vollyball Tips: The jump serve with Jeff Nygaard

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5 years ago
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Uploaded on Apr 1, 2013Learn the secrets of the 3-step approach and how to execute this as you serve. Jeff also talks about directional hitting and why your toss and how you line things up are very important as well as why you want to get your toss up and under as opposed to out. You'll also learn why the initial swing starts from the hip and why a high contact point with the ball gives you range, power and control.

Jeff's ProTips4U page: http://bit.ly/127d2z8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProTips4U
Twitter: https://twitter.com/protips4u
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Jeff Nygaard is an American indoor and beach volleyball player who is a three-time Olympian (indoor in 1996 and 2000) and beach volleyball in 2004. In addition, Jeff is a two-time NCAA Champion and two-time NCAA MVP while playing for UCLA. In 2003, he was named MVP of the AVP Tour. Jeff is now the assistant coach for USC's men's volleyball team.

Jeff's instructional volleyball videos includes drills and tips on how to improve your volleyball technique. Jeff gives advice on how to jump serve, the float serve and the jump float serve, passing, blocking and attacking.

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