US Women's Olympic Figure Skating Team controversy: 4th is the new 3rd

from Michelle
3 years ago
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The US Women's figure skating team for next month's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia is set after yesterday's National finals, but the lineup is being called highly controversial.

Only 3 women can make the cut out of the 4 who made it to this years finals in Boston. Only the best that put it all on the line... But it seems that also must mean those who have a serious bottom line in the sponsorship department.

Even though Mirai Nagisa had a flawless performance, she's being bumped off the list for 4th place Ashley Wagoner, who fell 2 times in her routine... Wait, what?

The official word from the US Figure Skating Association is "[Wagner's] body of work throughout the year is more consistent."

But the word on the street is that it probably has more to do with her having been heavily pushed by said association, and by NBC, who has all the broadcasting rights for the Olympics in America.

She also went public with her thoughts on gay rights in Russia, which is seen as a kerfuffle that America is standing by on the geopolitical front...hmm...

If you don't not know much about Nagasa, she came in fourth place in the last Olympics 4 years ago in Vancouver.

She'd been in a bit of a tailspin since then, going through 2 coaches and training in 3 different venues... but she tried hard to pull it together for the finals in Boston.
Nagisa took the decision in stride, saying she was disappointed, but she has to respect the judgement.

It seems nowadays splitting your time training for your sport by stepping your sponsorship game up and ranting about controversial topics that actually have little to do with the technical merits of your sport is the way to get the gold.


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