Irow - High School Rowing in Canada

from Michelle
5 years ago
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I made this video with help from Rowing Canada to encourage youth rowing in Canada. A description of Rowing Canada Aviron new program, IRow or JeRame is below.

Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA), with funding from Sport Canada, is kicking off the IROW Youth Rowing program focused on communicating the values of our sport, involving all youth, and engaging students in a fun and rewarding rowing experience. This national program will be launched over the next couple of weeks.
Rowing Canada will provide each club with an IROW communication and instructional package to help foster youth rowing in its community.The goal is to educate, enlist, enable and sustain youth rowing. RCA will also be awarding up to three $5000 grants to help clubs/organizations implement youth rowing programs.
RCA has recognized the need for a nationwide approach to attract educators and engage youth in their school environment. With input from provincial rowing organizations, member clubs, individuals, and coaches, RCA developed the IROW DVD and promotional materials to inform all educators, parents and youth of the values rowing supports and the benefits rowing provides.
RCAs strategic plan outlines the need to provide opportunities for achieving excellence in the rowing community, domestically and internationally. In short, we need more people to start rowing, love rowing and stay with rowing.

With the support of Sport Canada, RCA has focused on: Getting rowing into schools and Getting Schools into rowing.

The new rowing program, previously dubbed YRow, is now called I row/ Je rame to be more engaging and fully represent all Canadian youth.

Stay connected with the Irow/Je rame program. Over the next two weeks, each club across Canada will be receiving promotional materials via mail and the RCA website will have additional materials available for download.

For more information, contact Colleen Miller

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