How to Breathe during a Front Crawl | Swimming Lessons

from Michelle
4 years ago
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Learn how to breathe during a front crawl in this swimming lesson from Howcast.

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When you're doing the freestyle, the breathing is done to the side; very important that when you breathe to your side, you really just bring half your face outside the water, just enough for your mouth to come out and take a breath.

As you take a quick breath to your side, the arm recovers and it fits right in front of your head, and you begin the stroke with the other arm. In freestyle, the breathing could be done at any time. You can really just swim at whatever level you're swimming at. So, what I'm trying to say about that is, in freestyle, breathing to your side could be done every stroke, every other three strokes, every other five strokes or seven strokes, depending on what kind of workout you are doing.

So, I'm going to demonstrate to you, breathing to your side every stroke. So, this is going to be me breathing to my right side. Pull, take a breath, face goes right back in, pull with your left arm, your face stays in the water. Pull, take a breath, face goes right back in, pull with your left arm again. This is how we breathe when we are doing the front crawl.

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