High school player attacks ref 12/14/10 [ FOX SPORTS ]

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High school player attacks ref 12/15/10 Basketball Player SLAMS Referee Onto The Floor! Ref Gets Tossed by Desoto player
A high school basketball player was thrown out of the game and then threw a referee to the ground. It happened during a game between DeSoto and Port Charlotte high schools.

Desoto County Schools Superintendent Adrian Cline said he was in shock after watching the video for the first time.

"This is very disappointing. It's unacceptable," he said. "I've been a superintendent for a number of years and a principal for years before that and this is the first time I've been confronted with a student attacking an official."

In the video, it appears that the player got mad after a call. Things escalated after the referee ejected him from Monday night's game against Port Charlotte High School.

Citing student privacy, the superintendent declined to name the young man.

But we found out the player is senior Mason Holland.

Soon after the game, someone posted video of the incident on YouTube for all to see.

"It reflects in a negative way - on the school, the school district, the country and that's why we take it extremely seriously," Cline said.

Port Charlotte High walked away with the win when the refs refused to continue officiating after the incident in the game's second quarter.

But DeSoto leaders say there are no winners when someone gets hurt.

School board officials say so far, the student athlete has been suspended from school and he could potentially face criminal charges.

But the Florida High School Athletic Association say they plan on administering their own punishment.

The FHSAA says they can't say what their punishment for Holland will be because they're still investigating.

But Cline says this student's athletic future is uncertain.

"The school district has always displayed good sportsmanship and we were very disappointed and intend to take appropriate action," he said.

Cline says he's spoken with the State Attorney's Office and will find out in the coming days if Holland could face criminal charges.

He added that the district will review its policies to see what changes need to be made to prevent this from happening again.

Charlotte County Superintendent Doug Whittaker says the entire incident is unfortunate.Ref Gets Tossed by Desoto player

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