Girls Under 16 Little League Softball - Quartz Hill SunDevils vs Palmdale Cougars

from Michelle
3 years ago
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This is a few clips joined together of the game between California's District 51 Little League Senior Softball Quartz Hill SunDevils & Palmdale Cougars. The SunDevils have only lost 1 game the entire season so far, although there have been a couple of close calls. This is a very talented squad of 14 to 16 year old girls.

Ashley Dunn, known for her accomplishments as a competitive youth bowler. Having set various records since she has been active as a youth bowler for girls of her age, and current defending two time National U14 Girls Teen Masters Bowling Champion plays on the SunDevils when bowling events don't conflict with softball. Ashley began playing T-ball at the age of 4, and played baseball with the boys until she was 12 years old having made the All-Star team her last two years as a pitcher while living in Illinois prior to moving to California in April, 2008. She loves Baseball & Softball and always will, which is why she continues to play as often as possible even though it makes for an extremely busy schedule. She is a solid contributor to the SunDevils squad when present, and is proud to be associated with such a great bunch of girls.

Watch more clips of Ashley from earlier days playing baseball, some more softball clips, and her display of bowling skills where in most tournaments she competes with both boys & girls up to the age of 20.

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