Florida water polo Handshake push in water Belen vs St Thomas after state title loss

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4 years ago
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Florida water polo sore loser uses handshake line after state title loss to launch opponent into the water.
Things are always tense when archrivals face off. When the teams are competing for a state title, the tension is even more pronounced. Yet that doesn't excuse what happened at the conclusion of the Florida state water polo championship match between traditional rivals F.t. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas (S.T.A.) and Miami Belen Jesuit School.
With the title decided, the teams lined up to walk through the traditional handshake line, a classic high school sports gesture aimed at maintaining a sense of friendship and collegiality. What resulted was a fracas when a Belen player used the opportunity to launch one of his S.T.A. rivals into the pool rather than shake his hand.
The resulting kerfuffle was exactly what you would expect to emerge from two rivals in such a highly-charged faceoff. S.T.A. players immediately jumped in to defend their now-soggy teammate, while Belen players responded in kind once the S.T.A. players reached the handshake line instigator. Eventually coaches from both teams were able to intervene and stop the shoving from escalating into something worse, though not before emotions were frayed and tensions reached a piqued level.
Eventually, the teams made up, with a group of Belen players apologizing to their rivals for the teammate's actions, though that hardly makes his little shoving fit any more sportsmanlike.

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