Figure Skater Ashley Wagner Reaction to Score at Sochi Olympics 2014

from Michelle
3 years ago
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Oh, how we love figure skating, a sport with subjective scores. And just like gymnastics -- another subjective scoring sport -- two years ago, it's given us what should become an Olympic Internet meme.

On Saturday, U.S. skater Ashley Wagner went to the kiss-and-cry area to await her score in the women's short program of the team competition. She obviously expected a higher score than she received.

A picture of her pouty face after the score was announced is drawing as much attention as the one that showed gymnast McKayla Maroney's reaction after she got a silver medal in 2012. But if you watch videos of Wagner's reaction, she also seemed to use her potty mouth, saying something with bull in it.

"I know roughly when I skate a good program where the score should end up. So to score that low was very disappointing for me," Wagner said.

Wagner's the early favorite to become the meme star of the Games. She might have to compete with American bobsledder Johnny Quinn and one smashed-out bathroom door.

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