Austria & East Germany Battle For Olympic Luge Glory - Grenoble 1968 Winter Olympics

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Incredible Olympic highlights of the luge event at the Grenoble 1968 Winter Olympic Games as the East German and Austrian competitors battle it out for gold in the singles and doubles competitions.

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The winter sport of luge made its debut as an Olympic sport at the Innsbruck 1964 Olympic Winter Games.

Four years later, in Grenoble, Austrian athlete Manfred Schmid won the singles competition and took the gold medal beating Thomas Kölher from East Germany by only 0.18 seconds. Klaus Bonsack, also from East Germany finished in third place.

In the doubles competition, Kölher and Bonsack took the top place on the podium by beating Manfred Schmid who now teamed up with Ewald Walch. Taking the bronze medal was the West German duo with Wolfgang Winkler and Fritz Nachmann.

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