Ashley Dunn vs Shelby Miller 2012 Teen Masters World Series Girls U18 Championship - Match 1

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2 years ago
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We would like to thank Teen Masters Bowling and Killer 'B' Promotions for creating and running this event. Additional thanks to the World Tenpin Bowling Association for sanctioning this tournament.

This is the first of six matches in the round of six where the Teen Masters Girls U18 World Champion would ultimately be decided.

Shelby Miller entered the round of six as the tournament leader, 17 pins ahead of three time Teen Masters National Champion, Ashley Dunn. Shelby wasn't even among the top three after the first six games on long oil, but put on a phenomenal performance during the six game short oil block, leading the entire filed of both girls and boys with 1280, yes ahead of even Greg Young by 21 pins! Shelby had continued at a very steady pace during the six game block on mixed pairs having lost the lead to Ashley Dunn after four games and staying behind through game five. In game six Ashley bowled her lowest score of the tournament, handing the lead for the block to Madeline Kemp of Australia, and the tournament lead back to Shelby by 17 pins.

It looked as though the round of six was likely to be a supercharged battle for the title of Teen Masters World Champion. Watch as the first match pits the leader Shelby Miller up against second place Ashley Dunn. The final segment of the competition had began, and the battle for the title was on.

Ashley would like to congratulate Shelby on an outstanding performance at this tournament. They have both bowled the National tournament for the past few years, and it was very apparent that Shelby's game had improved considerably. Keep up the great work Shelby, you should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Match five, Ashley Dunn vs Emily Rigney of Australia has already been posted. I will continue to post each of Ashley's six matches over the next few days in no particular order.

We hope you enjoy the matches as much as the girls enjoyed the tournament competition.

I would greatly appreciate if you're still reading this that you continue to the end. There are a couple of points I attempt to make that are critical to the future of this great sport.

Go out and take a child bowling, or help give a child a few pointers when you see them working to improve on the lanes. We need every competitive bowler around the nation, around the world for that matter to give back to the sport by helping get other youth interested, and give them just a little of your time to help them improve. Bowling offers so many wonderful opportunities for youth, but sadly many parents and children aren't even aware of them. Do not assume that just because you see a youth bowling league that they are aware of the tournament and scholarship opportunities that exist. I inevetably end up having conversations with parents at nearly every tournament that inquire about what is going on, that have no idea of the world of competitive youth bowling. Time is of the essence, start NOW. Share the videos of competiton from this and other channels in hopes of inspiring other youth. I know that there are many young girls and boys that have been inspired by the videos I post, and although many are about Ashley my primary motivation is the hope of inspiring other youth to become competitive.

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Thank you for stopping by our channel, but most of all thanks for watching!

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