11 Year Old Kid Kicks 35 Yard Field Goals!

from Michelle
4 years ago
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Uploaded on Aug 28, 201311 year old Roberto 'Beto' Diaz Jr. of Carrollton, TX shows he may have what it takes to be a future NFL kicker! He practices hard on his kicking and works with Coach Brent of Kicking World. Beto is an outstanding soccer player and newly discovered kicker. Watch his impressive skills during a private lesson where he works on field goal kicking drills, kickoffs and even a fun last second field goal with his Dad. He routinely kicks 42+ yard kickoffs and 30 yard and in field goals. He made (2) 35 yard field goals this day and almost made a 37 yarder! Enjoy the video and please comment if you've seen any other 11 year old kick a football this far before! PS, He was only 2 weeks into being 11 years at the time of recording this video!

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