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Things track runners say and do. If you're a runner, I'm sure you can relate. We've all been there before, it's a love/hate relationship but for some reason we still always come back for more.

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I have lane 8, and I ran a time of a 41.34, I placed 4th but was later disqualified for "supposedly" having my trail leg outside of my lane on hurdle 5. They announced me as 4th place but then later called my coaches to the finish line to announce my disqualification. We tried to appeal, but the judges wouldnt look at the footage..

personally i think the kid in lane 9 should have been disqualified for kicking the 2nd hurdle in my lane forcing me to run around it... but o well


Steve McGill, the Ravenscroft (NC) High School Assistant Track Coach, demonstrates the One Step Drill and the Three Step Drill for hurdles on the instructional track and field DVD High School Coach's Blueprint for Success: Hurdles. To order this DVD, click here:


Watch the amazing finish to the men's marathon event at the London 1948 Olympic Games in these classic Olympic highlights.

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The course of the marathon race for the London 1948 Olympic Games took a different approach to the one chosen for the London 1908 Olympics. While in 1908 the race went from the royal residence at Windsor Castle until the Olympic stadium in White City, this time, the race began and ended at Wembley stadium. Still, despite the changes, the excitement remained the same as seen during London's first Olympic experience.

Out of the forty-one racers who started the race, Etienne Gailly of Belgium was the first one to enter the stadium for the final lap. However -- as had happened in the 1908 Olympics with Dorando Pietri -- Gailly arrived visibly exhausted and near to collapse. Having learnt from Dorando's story 40 years earlier, no one intervened to avoid the Belgian runner's disqualification.

As soon as he reached the stadium,


Ka'u JR Jacob Edwards 39.34 completes the hurdle double, outpacing Hilo SR Thomas Delacruz 39.93 in the Boys 300m Hurdle event at 2009 Hawaii High School Athletic Association Track and Field Championship


Me jumping 23 feet 2.5 inches(7.08M) (WIND LEGAL) claiming my title as the Continental League Champion!


This video seems to be getting a little bit of stick because I have chosen to use the word courageous, which in my opinion this is.

Why do people get so offended and abusive over the use of the word courage? courage has many different meanings and even more applications. You do not have to be in life or death situation to display courage. I have never seen a race at this level where a runner has comeback to win after being overtaken in the home straight, it is almost impossible to do, your body and brain are screaming at you to give it up, you've done your best, your not fit enough, but this is where the courage comes in, courage overules your brain, courage ignores the pain, courage finds more when there's no more to give! So in my opinion this is the most amazing display of courage on a TRACK!! i have ever seen, fortunately as you can see from the likes and dislikes that most people agree.

To come on here and rant, rave, and swear at me, over what is my personal view of this video is ridiculous. If you don't like the video, or my use of the word courage,


Justin Hunter sweeps Virginia State High School Track & Field Championship High, Long, and Triple Jumps.