If you are a high school, summer league or recreational swimmer....then these videos will help you master some of the basics which allow you to be more efficient and coachable.

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This Freestyle/Backstroke instructional video (swim lesson) was created to help summer league and high school swimmers prepare for their upcoming season. The Preseason Skill Check (lesson) attempts to inform parents and swimmers about swimming fundamentals in an easily understood manner, avoiding heavy instructive jargon. Best of Luck!!

These videos are not intended to provide advanced training skills or technique. These videos were created to help novice to intermediate swimmers with primary swimming knowledge and skills. Many times the secret/solution a swimmer is trying to find is hidden in the fundamentals. Master these swimming basics and you are well on your way to becoming

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Treading Water and the components to achieve buoyancy

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mantas Hong Kong monthly meet 29/9/07
girls 7
boys 8


Coach Suzanne narrates a swim lesson helping Sam the Triathlete correct a "stuck" recovery elbow, limiting his stroke rate, as well as a helpful drill for improving his catch & push (as opposed to pull) which adds length to his stroke.
Both of these will help Sam (and you) swim faster. Sam took 6 seconds off his 100 PR within a week of this lesson.
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Ryan Lochte swims away from the competition as a Spruce Creek Hawk. (Video provide by Steve Lochte.)


From www.LacamasMagazine.com & www.LacamasMagazine.net -- Camas High School Boys Swimming placed 7th overall in their first 4A meet. Last year they placed 9th overall in 3A Division. This video has still images and video clips from Camas and several other schools in Washington state.


NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.-- Westmisnter College's swimming and diving teams for men and women is tough and lives up to a legacy of winning . Swim team member and videographer Brett Gerthoffer talks with Coach Rob Klamut about the team's training in and out of the water, program specifics, coaches' roles, team trips and camaraderie, and more.


From www.LacamasMagazine.com -- Final Report on CHS Swimming. The Camas High School Swim Team placed ninth overall at State, capping off a stellar season. This feature is part retrospective and part report on the state competition.