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Swimming drills to improve the freestyle stroke. There are a few great drills to improve your freestyle stroke. They are simple, and easy, and anybody can do them from being just a beginner swimmer to an advanced swimmer. One of the drills I would like to do, at Physique Swimming, is the catch-up freestyle. The catch-up freestyle is done by keeping both of your arms in front of you, and then every six kicks, you pull with one arm to catch-up to the other arm. One, two, three, four, five, six, pull, breathe. One, two, three, four, five, six, pull, breathe.

The catch-up freestyle stroke allows you to develop balance and coordination so your freestyle overall becomes a lot more efficient. Another version of a catch-up stroke is doing the catch-up freestyle drill single arm catch-up freestyle, which means just using one arm at a time. So you're going to be using one arm every six kicks to pull and breathe to your side. So you would kick six times in between your stroke. One, two, three, four, five, six, pull, take a quick breath to your side, and have your arm recover, and


Swimming her final high school race, Missy Franklin and her Regis Jesuit teammates win the 400 Freestyle Relay, making them the 2013 Colorado state champions


This iSport Lessons video shows beginner swimmers common mistakes made while swimming freestyle.


Directed, produced, and edited by David Achio-Mendez '13


me with and unexpected win!


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If you are a high school, summer league or recreational swimmer....then these videos will help you master some of the basics which allow you to be more efficient and coachable.

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This Flutter Kick instructional video (lesson) was created to help summer league and high school swimmers prepare for their upcoming season. The Preseason Skill Check (lesson) attempts to inform parents and swimmers about swimming fundamentals in an easily understood manner, avoiding heavy instructive jargon. Best of Luck!!
These videos address many of the common errors or misperceptions displayed by developing swimmers. These videos do not give a technical breakdown of how to perform the skills, instead they focus on helping to shape the swimmer's perception of how to perform the skills more efficiently.

These videos are not intended to provide advanced training