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Chris Downing takes the Massillon High School Football Team training in their pre-season to the next level. Want to do this workout with your team? Get it here: D24Sports' mission is to Empower, Love, and Inspire you to give birth to the greatness that dwells within you. Want more? Click here to get Chris' downloadable workouts:

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This guide shows you How To Throw A Ball Really Far
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One year ago we released the first edition of Purdue Skill Shots. We decided to go back and try some different shots using the same facilities. Stay tuned for our Campus Edition Skill Shot Video.

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If you are a high school, summer league or recreational swimmer....then these videos will help you master some of the basics which allow you to be more efficient and coachable.

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This Flutter Kick instructional video (lesson) was created to help summer league and high school swimmers prepare for their upcoming season. The Preseason Skill Check (lesson) attempts to inform parents and swimmers about swimming fundamentals in an easily understood manner, avoiding heavy instructive jargon. Best of Luck!!
These videos address many of the common errors or misperceptions displayed by developing swimmers. These videos do not give a technical breakdown of how to perform the skills, instead they focus on helping to shape the swimmer's perception of how to perform the skills more efficiently.

These videos are not intended to provide advanced training


Uploaded on Jul 29, 2010The basic footwork for badminton beginners are six different moves towards the corners and back toward the baseline. Learn the beginning footwork for badminton with help from a badminton coach in this free video on badminton.

Expert: Nghia Tran
Bio: Coach Nghia Tran has coached the University of California, Berkeley badminton team to a 2010 collegiate nationals win.
Filmmaker: Bing Hugh

Series Description: Badminton includes a variety of shots, serves, swings and techniques to improve your game. Learn more about badminton with help from a badminton coach in this free video series on badminton.

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Uploaded on Sep 5, 2010Learn the basic rules and strokes of Squash with


Uploaded on Apr 11, 2011 - Coaching Youth Baseball: Infield Play Ground Ball Drills - Make sure your youth baseball players keep the tip of their gloves down when fielding a groundball.

Coaching Youth Baseball - Infield Play (part 2):
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