East Stroudsburg High School South Rifle Team on News Watch 16 on January 20, 2011


Matt Maccubbin is a 17-year-old senior on the East Stroudsburg High School-South rifle team , who scored on average 99.25 (out of a possible 100) this past season, first on the team. After he squeezed off shots at a target 50 feet away, Maccubbin -- a four-year letter-winner -- explained how he learned to shoot so well. To learn more, step into the Action Zone at http://www.poconorecord.com/actionzone


ROTC Nj 20001 fire birds Dickinson High school 2nd place sequence at Bridgestone High school Competition


Growing up as a military child often means moving to a new location, changing schools, and finding new friends every few years. For these friends, it's one particular sport that helps keep them together. Army Sergeant Rebecca Schwab has more.


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Im not sure exactly what the title of this event is, but basically its the ROTC showing of their flipping rifle talent. Go ROTC!


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