Steve O'Brien of and the author of "Pro-Active Recruiiting" discusses what you should DO and what you should NOT DO when emailing college coaches to get recruited.

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Hey, thanks for tuning in. We've got another question. This question's from
Twitter. He's asking, "When should you start sending colleges your videos?"
That's a great question. I've got the answer for you.

Think of it this way. It's kind of like networking. Anything you multiply
by zero will equal zero. So, if you don't feel that your tape is good
enough or solid enough to send to a college, then don't send it to them
yet. If you feel you're not on anybody's recruiting board, or if you're not
really making any noise in your city, or on your team, in your league, then
don't send them any video yet. Wait until you establish yourself as a
household name. If your feel that your videos, your highlight tape is good
enough to send to a college, then yeah, definitely send it to them. But if
you're kind of reluctant, thinking that, "I might not be this good. I might
want more highlights, or I might want


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