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I did not film this, the blue team was losing in the final seconds, and while dribbling out the clock this happened


Arsenal Tech vs. Fort Wayne South brawl Coaches Acting Ratchet & Fighting In A Brawl During High School Football Game!


After a "bad call", basketball player gets into a fight with the referee and punches him in the face. Fox news. nba basketball.


High school player attacks ref 12/15/10 Basketball Player SLAMS Referee Onto The Floor! Ref Gets Tossed by Desoto player
A high school basketball player was thrown out of the game and then threw a referee to the ground. It happened during a game between DeSoto and Port Charlotte high schools.

Desoto County Schools Superintendent Adrian Cline said he was in shock after watching the video for the first time.

"This is very disappointing. It's unacceptable," he said. "I've been a superintendent for a number of years and a principal for years before that and this is the first time I've been confronted with a student attacking an official."

In the video, it appears that the player got mad after a call. Things escalated after the referee ejected him from Monday night's game against Port Charlotte High School.

Citing student privacy, the superintendent declined to name the young man.

But we found out the player is senior Mason Holland.

Soon after the game, someone posted video of the incident on YouTube for

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No description available.


Multiple freaking sick sports fights put together and long boring scenes all edited out.So its all fast and the adrenaline doesnt stop!


Published on Sep 17, 2015
Teen Football Player Kicked Off Team After Helmet Attack

New information in the case of a New Jersey high school football player. Caught on camera hitting an opponent with his helmet we have now learned that the Lyndon high school student has been permanently kicked off the team this all. Happened during a game on Friday night you can see that the Lyndon player. Ripped up the home and as a player from immaculate at a high school. The Lyndon player then hits him with a helmet. The student now in the process of being suspended and placed on home instruction all pending the outcome of our criminal investigation. You Mac you ought to player who did not retaliate had to receive ten stitches.