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Bozeman High School's James Cole teaches me how to put the shot.

The weekend after we shot this, James won the State Class AA Shot Put title with a put of 55'11".

Check out my videos for more Basics and watch the 10@10 on ABC, every night in western Montana at 10pm.


Will Freeman assists coaches in understanding and utilizing the short 12-15 week high school season and gives a thorough technical analysis of the hurdle event.


Perfect shot put technique, featuring high school record holder RYAN CROUSER


Steve McGill, the Ravenscroft (NC) High School Assistant Track Coach, demonstrates the One Step Drill and the Three Step Drill for hurdles on the instructional track and field DVD High School Coach's Blueprint for Success: Hurdles. To order this DVD, click here:


The USA's Bode Miller discusses the sport of Alpine Skiing, how it has progressed through the years, his current form and personal aims for Sochi.

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Uploaded on Apr 7, 2011Andy Pohl explains the dos and don'ts of youth baseball including say something positive after every practice or game, focus on teaching sound baseball fundamentals, and winning doesn't matter.