Follow the 2016 Jamesville Dewitt High School Lacrosse Team season. Documentary by Hal Schulman with Music by Logan LaTray.


A piece that I filmed, produced, and edited for my In The Game class at Penn State University.


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Every Senior at MICDS is required to finish their high school career with a project during the final days of May. Some shadow important figures, others volunteer, I decided to make a documentary. We have a large group of seniors on our lacrosse team, and we were all very excited about the upcoming season. We had watched previous documentaries in the past, most notably Drew Innis's "Road to the Championship", and "The Men of Harvard Lacrosse". Once I considered making a documentary myself, I couldn't shake the idea.

My coach became my sponsor and the school approved my project. Unlike most of the seniors, I began my project in February, filming our tryouts and early games. It wasn't easy to film; I had to find time in between our games, practices and school itself. Much of the game film you see here is from outside sources, most notably Dirty Dog Digital, to whom I owe a great deal of thanks for providing.

I presented the first 5 minutes of my documentary and successfully graduated high school in June, our season already over. I no longer


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400 hours in the making, this is the first "short" film I've ever made. This documentary captures the 2013 season of the Bexley High School Lacrosse team. This film wasn't meant to make Bexley look better than the other teams, or portray their opponents as being bad. This documentary was meant to capture the highlights of the season, the ups and downs, and the players and their thoughts on the season. I want to thank head coach Rich Russo, for supporting and believing in me the whole way. Thanks to Cavanagh for his help with the track list. Thanks to my mom, for her help with this film, from watching it countless times pointing out problems, to giving advice along the way.

Filmed and Edited by Jacob Appelbaum

Coach Rich Russo
Coach Brian Hare
Coach Mark Alye

#1 Jack Simpson #3 Christian Adkin #4 Jack Haught #5 Jack Allen #6 Nyles Lester #8 Taylor Farthing #9 Jeffery Nicosia #10 Umberto Mangano #11 Jacob Karmia #12 Sam Ehrlich #13 Anders Pedon #14 Mack

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Abbotsford BC, Midget A2 Box Lacrosse Hit


Highlights from the Women's Lacrosse match vs. Maryland on Feb 21, 2010. For more news and information visit