Published on Sep 17, 2013

A day after students and community members gathered at New York's Westfield/Brocton High School in a show of support for football player Damon Janes, the 16-year-old running back succumbed to his injuries.

The high school football player died in a hospital Monday as a result of a hard hit he received during a Friday night game. According to local reports, Janes lost consciousness after a helmet-to-helmet collision during the third quarter.

The game against Portville was called off after the teen collapsed on the field.

Janes was taken to a local hospital and later transported to the Women & Children's Hospital in Buffalo, where he was listed in critical condition. In a joint statement, the hospital and his parents announced Janes' passing and expressed their gratitude "to those who have supported and prayed for Damon and his family."

School officials also released a statement on the district's website:
Our school and community is devastated by the football tragedy that occurred at the


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The stats come from a webpage that surveyed some current NFL player and some retired NFL players. If you google something about concussions in football you can likely find the page.