College Athletes


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List of 25 of the fastest players in college football. This list is based on official track times. Even though some listed lower in the rankings may appear to have run a faster time, wind aiding, altitude were used to convert/correct listed time.

Marvin Bracy leads the list.

1. Marvin Bracy Florida State 10.05w
2. Levonte Whitfield Florida State 10.15w
3. De'Anthony Thomas Oregon 10.30
4. Bradley Sylve Alabama 10.30w
5. Dallas Burroghs Boise State 10.36
6. Miles Shuler Rutgers 10.36
7. Sheroid Evans Texas 10.39
8. Ronald Darby Florida State 10.40
9. Dameire Byrd South Carolina 10.41
10. Derrick Hopkins South Florida 10.41
11. Khalfani Muhammad Notre Dame 10.41
12. Sammy Watkins Clemson 10.42
13. Andre Debose Florida 10.42
14. Jeryl Brazil LSU 10.41
15. Dior Mathis Oregon 10.49
16. Keith Marshall Georgia 10.44w
17. Thomas Tyner Oregon 10.48
18. Josh Atkinson Notre Dame