Jeff Mayweather Boxing Tips And Techniques Vol 1 - 3

15:02 - I consider the following boxing footwork drill to be something that an intermediate to advanced boxer should build into the skill set. If you are a regular visitor to the site, and especially if you are a member of The Boxing Training Foundation, you will know that I am pretty fanatical about boxing footwork drills. My years of experience have taught me that they work like a charm and this drill is no different in it’s effectiveness. When we talk about switching the stance in boxing, most people think purely about switching from orthodox to southpaw and vice versa. That is of course the most obvious stance switch and I will cover it in this video (well I will cover one method of doing it, as with most things in this wonderful world of boxing there are many ways to switch southpaw to orthodox.) The boxing stance switch that I am going to demonstrate in the video is a very specific type of stance switch – it is a stance switch that is designed specifically for setting up massive hooks and uppercuts. After watching


Some boxing combos with a couple of random kicks. Nothing special. I am out of shape but plan on losing 30lbs. Please share any tips to better myself. Enjoy!


GET MORE FIGHT TIPS► Alright here is the first part of the boxing footwork series explaining some common mistakes and easy fixes. We look at stepping, pivoting, balance, and creating angles in fighting. Footwork is essential for any fighting style, and though styles are different from one another, the basic principles of footwork and balance still apply. Created with Coach's Eye. Try it out► If you're on your heels, crossing your feet, have too narrow of a stance, or are just off balance, you are susceptible to knockdowns and won't have any real power in your strikes. In other words, ya gotta stay balanced at all times! Make sure you're not making any of the mistakes in this video. Get Coach's Eye: FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter |


Roadwork Program for Fighters► Subscribe to fightTIPS► Thorough guide on how to breath properly during a fight and between rounds. These breathing techniques will keep your stamina endurance high, so that you can go hard from round 1 through 12! So that noise that boxers make when they punch has some science behind it, huh!? FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |


GET MORE FIGHTTIPS: SHANE'S TWITTER: More than anything else, people tend to ask me: How can I increase my punching power and punch harder? This video demonstrates three exercises plus three modified variations, that you can do to improve your explosiveness through high intensity interval training and other workouts. Some of the exercises demonstrated are single-arm dumbbell snatches, medicine ball throws, resistance bands axe chops, heavybag boxing work, plyometric pushups, and burpees. Learn some of the most hardcore exercises you can do at home or at the gym; with the right equipment and guidance, you will develop the ultimate punching power and be able to punch like Mike Tyson. SHANE'S FACEBOOK: SHANE'S INSTAGRAM:

What is the treasure of youth? It is struggle: it is hard work. Unless you struggle, you cannot become truly strong. Those who fight hard during their youth will have nothing to fear when the time comes to put the finishing touches on their lives. They will possess a great state of life that towers strong and unshakable.