Check out our review of the brand new Trophy Ridge React Sight. A revolutionary new bow sight, that will help you sight in faster and become a better archer. For more visit


Having a solid take down bow that you can add to your hunting and/or survival supplies is a very good decision. In this review and comparison we take a look at the Tactical Survival Bow from Survival Archery Systems and the Compact Folding Survival Bow from Primal Gear Unlimited. Follow this link to the blog piece on the giveaway:…w-and-giveaway ‎ Follow this link to purchase your own SAS bow from the company. Follow this link to purchase from Dave Canterbury's website: Follow this link to order your own Primal Gear Unlimited Bow: Check out our latest FREE content on our CarbonTV Channel: Craig Caudill is the Founder


Some advice on whether or not you should be "locking" your arm when shooting. === Follow me on Facebook:

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Here naturalist John Rhyder tells us about the thinking processes behind the design of longbows and flatbows used by different cultures and communities throughout history. John also shows us how to work the tillering jig to check a bow is fit for purpose. An Adliberate film for WoodlandsTV


Here are some tips on how to shoot a recurve bow accurately. We'll talk about developing proper shooting form, as well as discus how I aim and shoot a longbow and recurve bow.


In this video we take an in depth look at the set up of an olympic style recurve. We look at all the steps for getting it out of the box to setting up the clicker (and everything else in between) *Bow assembly *ILF Limb fitting *Checking Brace height *Setting the tiller *Limb alignment *Fitting the arrow rest *Fitting the pressure button *Setting the centershot *Fitting nocking points *Fitting the sight *Fitting the stabilisers *Checking the balance of the bow *Fitting the clicker please see the website for any of the equipment used in this video


Some super tough archery targets made of cardboard and foam, extra easy to repair, and even easier on the wallet for when repair isn't an option.


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