South Texas High School Football School Skills Combine Adds New Partners


On April 5, 2013 the founders of the South Texas Select Showcase went public with their intention to host a high school football skills combine in Corpus Christi in 2014. The initial intention of the event was to “show-off the talents of the top high school underclassmen in South Texas to college football coaches from across the country” but has sense grown from that.

The event has transformed from a football skills combine to one of the most unique recruiting and youth development events in the southern United States. While focusing on showing off the skills of college prospects, it is also an event where high school underclassmen are trained on how to perform better on and off the field, are given opportunities to learn from former college and pro athletes, and much more.

The organizers of the South Texas Select Showcase, or SoTxShowcase for short, continuously look for ways to separate their event from other events of its kind. There are plans to have instruction for athletes’ parents to enlighten them on what they can do to help their sons succeed on and off the field, as well as provide opportunities for the parents to engage coaches of prospective college programs.

Since April 2013, the SoTxShowcase crew has been establishing new relationships with organizations, colleges, and players, and their efforts deserve reporting. These men will stop at nothing to make sure the student-athletes of South Texas have the best opportunity to succeed in football and more importantly in life. They deserve your praise and support at a minimum.

New Partners

The uniqueness of the SoTxShowcase was amplified in May 2013 when an alliance was forged with international sports organization Athletes in Action (AIA), specifically the Athletes in Action Football Department. AIA is not your average, everyday sports organization as it has a unique, multi-faceted mission centered on sports, community involvement, international sporting and volunteer events, and more importantly on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The mission statement of AIA is: “building spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sport so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus,” with an overall vision of “a Christ follower on every team, in every sport and in every nation.” It was clear very quickly to AIA Global Football Director, Clint Mahan and Recruiting Coordinator, Matt Spitz that a partnership with SoTxShowcase would allow both organizations to further their missions with relative ease.

Over a phone conference one night in May 2013, SoTxShowcase in AIA-Football hammered out an alliance that would catapult the event in 2014 to new heights. The vision for this partnership is for AIA-Football to provide athletes with the opportunity to hear what AIA-Football has to offer at college campuses across the nation, give them an avenue to explore their faith through the ministry, establish connections with other Christian athletes, and much more.

One of the SoTxShowcase founders, B.J. Garcia, had this to say about the new partnership: “What AIA-Football brings to the table is something no other event like ours can match. It provides athletes the chance to know they have a community of faith even when they go to college and provides those curious about faith to hear from the mouths of other believers what AIA has done in their lives. AIA-Football also brings in established connections with universities and former NFL athletes that will be indispensable to the development of the student-athletes of South Texas.”

It is clear to say that the new partnership between AIA-Football and SoTxShowcase is a unique one at best, but in South Texas, the partnership makes complete sense. The priorities of both organizations synch up with the priorities of the region: God, football, and family. This partnership looks only to grow and when May 2014 comes around, the enormity of its success will be seen at Turf Sports Complex in Corpus Christi.

Additionally, the men over at SoTxShowcase have established new partnerships with Vision 2 Media of Edinburg, Texas and from the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas. John Cannon and will be providing full event coverage and act as one of the primary media outlets for the event while Vision 2 Media will be focusing its partnership on the athletes.

Vision 2 Media is focused on compiling video of student-athletes and successfully creating state-of-the-art video compilations utilized to send to college coaches for recruiting purposes. Founded in 2010, this media group that specializes in “sports filming videography, sports coverage, video editing, and video production” has successfully aided 45 high school athletes receive scholarships from college sports programs.

With the Showcase still growing each and every day, you can expect these new relationships to grow and perhaps see the list of partners grow as well. Only time will tell how large the SoTxShowcase gets and right now time is on their side.

List of Colleges Sending Representatives or Receiving Video of Athletes

No skills combine would be complete without recruiting operations going on behind the scenes and the SoTxShowcase will have its fair share occurring. In April 2013, the founders of the event stated they estimated the total number of colleges sending representatives or those that have requested video of athletes from the event to be around 150. The partnership with AIA-Football has added at least one college to that list on its own and the total list is growing every day.

If you find yourself wondering which colleges are on the list, certain NCAA regulations prevent the entire list from being released but a quick glimpse below will show you a few of the colleges sending representatives or acquiring video of athletes from the event organizers. Mind you, this list is nowhere near all-inclusive and will continue to grow between now and May 2014.

Capital University (Bexley, Ohio)
West Virginia Wesleyan College (Buckhannon, West Virginia)
Texas A&M Kingsville (Kingsville, Texas)
Northwestern College (Orange City, Iowa)
Sul Ross State (Alpine, Texas)
Trinity University (San Antonio, Texas)